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Who and Why


Welcome to my blog. It’s difficult to know what to write in a first post, as the point of a blog is to get to the meat of the subject you want to talk about, not to make needless introductions.

With that said, here’s some background in rapid-fire format:

  • Why? I wanted an outlet for insights I’ve had while leading engineering teams.
  • Who? Me. I’m a software engineer by background, and a combination of software engineer / tech lead / product person / engineering manager by trade.
  • Why do I come to work every morning? Because I love building products.
  • Why should you care? I haven’t seen many people talk about leading engineering teams, or about what makes management work (and what doesn’t).

Often, when someone wants to have a beer with me and pick my brain about something, I’ve found that’s what they want to ask about: how do you manage successful teams?

This blog is my answer to that question.

Written by Kevin

June 29th, 2011 at 12:55 p.m.

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